Easy to use CCTV systems

Need CCTV systems that are easy to use, in London, Milton Keynes 
or anywhere in the UK? Call Systema Fire and Security today.

CCTV systems can often be unnecessarily complex, we make sure that you're not left confused by installing a system that's easy to use so in the event the unthinkable happens, you have solid evidence to present to the authorities.
Our aim is to give you the best protection and widest coverage. We only use cutting edge CCTV equipment, from small residential systems to large scale networked IP systems.
Identify unwanted guests easily with HD footage

Identify unwanted guests easily with HD footage

Low quality recordings mean poor quality evidence - that's why we only install high definition DVR recording systems. These record continuously over a month and can be accessed by smartphone at any time.
Would you like CCTV systems that are easy to use?

Call Systema Fire and Security on 0800 980 4022

Perimeter protection systems

Our perimeter protection systems will notify you immediately if an intruder is on your premises, these can be used in conjunction with a tannoy allowing you to converse and frighten away any potential undesirables.
Perimeter protection systems
Monitored CCTV systems

Monitored CCTV systems in London & Milton Keynes

If you're unabale to monitor your own CCTV system we can provide a monitored CCTV System service from a secure Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) giving you peace of mind.

Remote access via your smart device

All our CCTV systems come with remote access as standard. You can view your premises on your smart device from anywhere in the world.
Monitored CCTV systems
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